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Friday Wrap-Up # 2 – Google Doodle, Apple iPhone, Microsoft & More

There is no lack of both original and rehashed efforts in advertising and marketing. We are back again with all the latest, important marketing news and marketing efforts that made waves this past week.

Google Doodle 2013 Winner  - Apps Mav

1. Google Doodles are sure to leave behind a vast legacy, should they ever cease to make new ones in the future. The best part are the Doodle competitions that result in some extremely interesting submissions that pour in from all over the world. This was the fourth consecutive year of the competition and the theme was simple – to illustrate your ‘best day ever’. Shown here is the winning entry by 17-year old Wisconsin resident Sabrina Brady, and it’s easy to see why it touched a cord.

2. Apple new ad for the iPhone breaks away from its usual style to adopt downtempo tunes and grainy, even Instagram-like visuals – establishing itself even more firmly as the hipster’s go-to device. The 60-second spot claims Apple has more music lovers than any other type of smartphone, however the same is based on only iTunes sales data, which seems a bit arbitrary, given the many other popular sources of music available.

3. The new Microsoft ad for Windows 8, though, isn’t chancing any subtlety. The 30-second ad basically takes potshots at 3 things Apple – Siri, the iPad, and Apple’s marketing, and succeeds hilariously.

4. This one is a definite bonus! Kmart’s recent ads have all been able to elicit a laugh or two from everyone who watched them, and their latest ‘Big Gas Savings’ campaign combines toilet humour innuendos with side-splitting, punny sketches for an even better impact. See for yourself:


Did you like one or more these campaigns? We’d love to hear your opinion – let us know in your Comments!

Friday wrap up

Friday Wrap Up! #1

Technology hardly ever has a slow week and the same applies to this one, too. So, we are back with our weekly wrap-up of interesting news to keep you updated – with bite-sized info-nuggets (yes, yes, we can’t believe we said that either.)

For starters, Pew Internet released an extremely illuminating study on the e-book trend, bringing to light the fact that at least 21% American have read an e-book and these digital book versions are definitely, inarguably, here to stay.

CareerBliss, the employer review site also released their findings on the happiest tech companies in America and, don’t we know it, Google came out on top, while Texas Instruments and Avaya rounded off the top three.

A BIA/Kelsey study also shed light on the incredible potential and growth of Social Advertising as it forecasts that U.S. Social Ad Revenues are set to skyrocket to $11Bn in 2017.  You can read the study in full here.

Google also added a new tool to its existing plethora of quirky tools called the Inactive Account Manager. It doesn’t matter if you are taking an extended vacation or are planning your digital afterlife – the (unfortunately named) Inactive Account Manager will address your needs.

Speaking of Google, a few days ago, we covered the doom of Google Reader on our Apps Mav blog. On our list of Top 5 suggested alternatives was Pulse Reader and what seems like an extremely promising move, LinkedIn has acquired the company for approximately $90 million.

Last, but definitely not the least, Twitter’s ill-kept secret, the Twitter Music app will be releasing today. The app will focus mainly on music trending on Social Media, quite like Twitter, and have purchase options, as well.

We’ll be back next Friday with the next wrap-up. Until then, share your feedback, bouquets, brickbats in the Comments section and stay glued for other social media updates!

Playboy’s iPhone App, Facebook iPhone OS and Google+ News For Developers

Today’s been an interesting day for technology and in our constant endeavour to bring you the freshest of technology and digital news, here are our two bits on what’s been going on:

1) Playboy Magazine has launched a comparatively demure mobile application for iPhones. The application will focus on showcasing exclusive content made for the app, which includes ‘non-nude’ pictorials and lifestyle content, etc. However, those looking for ‘regular’, uncensored Playboy issues can simply head to i.playboy.com  for Playboy’s web-based iPad app.
Read more here.

2) Rumours of the ‘Facebook Phone’ are exciting to one and all and the most recent addition to the speculations was a direct result of what Android Police claims is a leaked version of the Facebook Phone’s operating system. The device is supposed to be a mid-range smartphone with a 4-3-inch display, 1GB RAM, dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor and a 5MP camera.
Read more here.

3) Google+ sign-ins were a special gift to developers everywhere from Google last month, the feature allowing users to sign-in to non-Google websites using their Google log-in, much like its Twitter and Facebook counterparts. Now, Google has announced support for social infrastructure platforms Janrain and Gigya which enables adding trust authentication to apps and sites, allows users to share interactive posts  with connections and much more.
Read more here.

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