You should list your Business in Google’s Local Listing

Have you seen the little Red Balloons & a Google Map when searching for local suppliers (try googling ‘Hairdressers in Bondi’)? Many customers are nowadays Googling for local or neighbourhood suppliers. So potential local customers can instantly find your business through Google Map. Let the customer know your physical address, phone number, and working hours etc to reach you.

You can even display pictures and videos of your shop or office so customers feel up close and personal, thereby have more confidence in your offerings.Your customers can get interactive directions to your office, your business hours and service details. You can also add Special Offer Coupons. You can even upload Coupons through your local business listing dashboard to attract more customers

HIGHER Google Search Engine Ranking!

Listing your Business in Google Places is the first step towards higher visibility and local listing search engine ranking. Get great insights through your Google places dashboard to help make strategic decisions for your online marketing. Use the power of Google’s data to learn where your customers come from and what they search for to find you. Your local listing is also displayed on relevant Google advertising results. You can’t possibly be missed!

NEW! – Your local listing is also displayed on relevant Google advertising results.

Let Maverick Mav help you!

We can help setup your Local Business Listing and also get higher search engine rankings.

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