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Friday Wrap-Up # 2 – Google Doodle, Apple iPhone, Microsoft & More

There is no lack of both original and rehashed efforts in advertising and marketing. We are back again with all the latest, important marketing news and marketing efforts that made waves this past week.

Google Doodle 2013 Winner  - Apps Mav

1. Google Doodles are sure to leave behind a vast legacy, should they ever cease to make new ones in the future. The best part are the Doodle competitions that result in some extremely interesting submissions that pour in from all over the world. This was the fourth consecutive year of the competition and the theme was simple – to illustrate your ‘best day ever’. Shown here is the winning entry by 17-year old Wisconsin resident Sabrina Brady, and it’s easy to see why it touched a cord.

2. Apple new ad for the iPhone breaks away from its usual style to adopt downtempo tunes and grainy, even Instagram-like visuals – establishing itself even more firmly as the hipster’s go-to device. The 60-second spot claims Apple has more music lovers than any other type of smartphone, however the same is based on only iTunes sales data, which seems a bit arbitrary, given the many other popular sources of music available.

3. The new Microsoft ad for Windows 8, though, isn’t chancing any subtlety. The 30-second ad basically takes potshots at 3 things Apple – Siri, the iPad, and Apple’s marketing, and succeeds hilariously.

4. This one is a definite bonus! Kmart’s recent ads have all been able to elicit a laugh or two from everyone who watched them, and their latest ‘Big Gas Savings’ campaign combines toilet humour innuendos with side-splitting, punny sketches for an even better impact. See for yourself:


Did you like one or more these campaigns? We’d love to hear your opinion – let us know in your Comments!

Source: Thierry Cohen’s Cities Without Light Pollution

The Mav Wrap up – April Fool’s special

April Fool’s Day is always a big day for the more mischievous of the lot, but the rest of us enjoy it just as much, as long as our role is that of spectators. But it wasn’t just a day full of pranks. Here’s our round-up of the most arresting technology and design news from yesterday.

1)      Top 10 YouTube Prank Videos:

Parents Tell Children That Their Halloween Candy is Over

April Fool’s obviously initiated a flurry of prank videos on YouTube, but the YouTube took the time to sift and curate the best of the lot. To see the full list of videos, click here.

2)       Game of Thrones Autotune:

HBO’s super-popular  series Game of Thrones returned for a 3rd season this past Sunday night, sending the internet fandom into a tizzy. As a result,  an auto tune remix of Arya’s list of enemies with the house motto ‘A Lannister always pays his debts’, is now a thing. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

3)      Amazon Updates Cloud Drive:

Giving Dropbox and Google Drive some stiff competition in the area of cloud storage, Amazon has updated its Cloud Drive service with desktop file-syncing feature, which was lacking since its May 2012 launch. “The updated app makes it simple for users to put files in Cloud Drive and to access them from any of their computers, ensuring that they always have access to the latest version of their files from home and on the road,” the company states.

4)      Thierry Cohen’s Cities Without Light Pollution:

We have always been fans of great graphic design work combined with astounding photography to make a statement, and Thierry Cohen’s ‘Major Cities Without Light Pollution falls right under that bracket. The French photographer took nighttime pictures of major cityscapes and combined them with pictures of deserted places with corresponding angles and latitudes and the results are breathtaking. Kinda goes to show what we’re all missing. See the full story and images here.