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Akash Malik from MaverickMav to Present a Seminar on How to Create a Successful Online Business

Online marketing and Social Media Marketing guru Akash Malik is due to present two workshops on the 3rd June 2010 in Penrith. Akash Malik is the Chief Social Networker of the successful internet marketing and web design company MaverickMav. On the day he will share some of his expert knowledge on how to get your business online as well as a workshop entitled, ‘Online Marketing; challenges and Opportunities’.

The venue for this seminar will be the Penrith Valley- Business Enterprise Centre. The seminars will include such vital information as how to promote your website and build an online presence as well as examining other types of online promotion.

Akash Malik shares many practical tips and DIY techniques in all his seminars. His suggestions are solid and time tested because not only has he successfully put his own advice into practice but he also has an Executive MBA and is a Google Qualified Advertising professional. The first of his sessions will run between 13:00 and 15:00 and will deal with important information as to how to get a business online in the first place. This workshop will provide step by step instructions all the way from getting a domain name to selling online and making a profit. The second workshop by Akash Malik will run from 15:15 until 17:15. In this session the focus will be on building and marketing a successful online business and overcoming those challenges that might get in the way of this.

Unfortunately these workshops are limited to just 24 places so people need to book fast in order to ensure a place.

Here is a bit about Akash Malik and MaverickMav:

Akash is an entrepreneur with a passion for helping businesses drive revenue through cost effective Internet and Social Marketing strategies.

A Google Qualified Advertising Professional, Akash holds an Executive MBA from UTS, Sydney, and Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering.

Akash is regularly invited to speak on a range of Social Media Marketing, E-Commerce, Web Enablement and Google advertising related topics. He also lectures on New Media Marketing and Project Management.

Attendees to his sessions have highly rated his knowledge and speaking style and have repeatedly attended his sessions on different topics.

Akash Malik launched MaverickMav, a successful online marketing communication agency, in 2005.

Based in Sydney, MaverickMav is a social media & internet marketing and web development company based in Australia.

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