MaverickMav becomes Penrith BEC sponsor

MaverickMav is pleased to announce their partnership with Penrith BEC/ Penrith City & District Business Advisory Centre. As a sponsor of Penrith BEC, Maverick Mav will provide assistance to new and existing small business customers of Penrith BEC. Maverick Mav will also be providing Penrith BEC with Email Marketing System, Google Analytics and Client Training Workshops on Internet Marketing, Google AdWords, and other marketing techniques.

Akash Malik, the Chief Social Networker for Maverick Mav, said, “After our discussions with Penrith BEC, we realised the excellent work that this organisation is doing to support small businesses in their region to become successful. We felt MaverickMav could further support these initiatives by both educating small businesses on internet and social media marketing opportunities and also providing Penrith BEC with the appropriate online marketing and analytical tools that they need to reach these small businesses.”

Akash further added, “We see tremendous growth potential in this region for small businesses and look forward to working with Penrith BEC on many online and social media marketing initiatives in the coming months. We have already planned several workshops, and the first e-newsletter using our sophisticated email marketing application ‘Maverick Mailer’ will soon be sent out by Penrith BEC to its members. This will allow them to manage and measure end to end email marketing campaigns in ways that they have not been able to do before.”

Executive Officer John Todd of Penrith BEC said, “Companies like Maverick Mav who help leverage online and social media marketing opportunities to our client base are ideal sponsors for us. Our mission is to assist small businesses in any way possible and with the internet and social networking becoming more popular, information such as Maverick Mav will be providing to our clients will be of great benefit to their businesses.

All services offered by the Penrith BEC to small businesses are free and confidential. Funded by the Industry and Investment NSW and the Australian Goverrnment, the Penrith BEC relies on the voluntary efforts of its sponsors to provide new and existing small businesses with business plans, applying for loans, managing cash flow, putting together marketing campaigns, and more. In addition to these services, the Centre also provides training workshops and provides assistance to those who wish to start their own small business. The Penrith BEC has been in operation since 1988.

MaverickMav is a social media & internet marketing and web development company based in Australia. For more information about the Penrith City & District Business Advisory Centre, visit

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