#Bestlieever trended all week long

The Maverick Mav Friday Wrap-Up

Technology doesn’t have a slow day any longer, thanks to the ceaseless wonders of social media, and this Friday we bring a wrap up of all the news you may have missed, but shouldn’t have. For starters, the hashtag to create enormous waves on Twitter this week would have made Pinocchio proud – #BestLieEver, a hashtag started by Jai Brooks from right here in Melbourne became popular enough to start a clique of its own. Check out what people had to contribute (and you can bet they had a LOT), here.

Pinterest works like a charm to get exposure for your products if your brand is about fashion, food or design, but not everyone knows how to work it yet (If you need assistance managing your social media presence or only Pinterest? Send us an inquiry today for a customized solution!) However, Mashable has put together a handy little slideshow depicting 10 extremely creative, and innovative uses for Pinterest.

It’s been a good week for art and poetry aficionados, too, with the New York Times’ Poetry Month kicking off with the launch of their haiku Tumblr. The George Eastman House, world’s oldest photography museum also joined the Google Art Project and is now available online for public viewing with a total of more than 40,000 works of art.

We also came to hear of Facebook creating new APIs to track comment threads after launching the ‘Reply’ to Comments feature last week, to help brands identify most popular comments, replies, and threads. Also keeping us occupied was Socialbakers’ fantastic analysis of the Game of Thrones’ fandom on social media, which is now apparently as big as Westeros itself (figuratively speaking, of course). Check out their fantastic infographic here. Additionally, LinkedIn has added a ‘mention’ feature to its platform, Facebook-style.

The biggest, yet the most underwhelming news, however, was the launch of Android: Facebook Home. While many were hoping for it to be the Facebook Phone or a Facebook OS, it is neither. Instead, it is a new home screen and app launcher interface for select Android smartphones. Watch Facebook’s ad for Facebook Home to understand how Facebook thinks it can help you.

Read more about Facebook Home here, and while we bid you adieu and give ourselves unto the weekend, we will be back soonish with more technology news. Have a good one, until then!

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