Akash Malik speaks at Google Marketing Seminar at Liverpool

Akash Malik, MaverickMav to present a seminar on Google AdWords Marketing.

Akash Malik, Google Adwords Certified professional and founder of Internet Marketing and Web Design Agency MaverickMav, will speak on ‘Google Ad Words: How to run a successful campaign’, at Fairfield, Sydney on the 29th March.

Akash will start off the session with some compelling statistics on why there is so much hype around Google and why businesses of any size or type need to be on the ‘Google bandwagon’ yesterday.

He will then move onto explain the differences between organic SEO and Google Paid Marketing (i.e. Google AdWords), the features and benefits of each of these strategies. An interesting new customer segment called ‘ROBO’s will also be discussed.

Akash will then introduce the participants to the wonderful world of Google AdWords. In Akash’s words “Google AdWords presents an excellent opportunity for small businesses to acquire new customers at an excellent ROI. This is the ideal tool for small businesses in their ‘David and Goliath’ battle.”

The presentation will then move onto ‘how to efficiently setup your Google AdWords Account’. Akash Malik will show some key settings and configurations, in Google AdWords, which businesses can use to create a customised and efficient account. Some topics covered will be selecting Search or Network, fixing your daily budgets, selecting the right geographical territory, etc. Prior to this an overall hierarchy of the Google AdWords Account Structure will be explained. This helps the participants visualise their complete AdWords Account and hence makes the process of setting up and managing the account easier.

Key Google AdWords terminology will then be explained along with what KPI’s can be setup and monitored for a successful campaign.

Akash will then cover in detail the complete setup of a Google AdWords Account. This will be interspersed with tips, key issues to be aware of and how to use certain tools and techniques to monitor and optimise your Google AdWords campaign.

Less understood but critical concepts like Keywords Match Types, Negative Keywords, Writing catchy Adcopies with ‘Offer’ and ‘Action’, Landing Page relevance, Quality Score, etc will also be demystified.

This two hour Google AdWords Seminar will be full of hard hitting, actionable material. Akash Malik will pick up real life examples from the audience and suggest on-the-spot tips and techniques, which can be used to optimise your Google AdWords Account.

The final topic will cover measuring your KPIs and website traffic analysis by setting up and integrating Google Analytics Account with your Google AdWords Account.

Akash will take the attendees through the process of setting up a Google Analytics account, integrating with the AdWords accounts and some key dashboards and KPIs to watch.

The seminar is a 2 hour presentation. Akash’s speaking style is very proactive and open and is mixed with real life examples, practical DIY techniques and tips. Akash also likes to take the attendees businesses as examples and brainstorms on the spot ideas and tips for positive results. He speaks in plain simple English (with a Bollywood accent!!) with technical jargon reduced to a minimum.

Here is a bit about Akash Malik:

Akash is an entrepreneur with a passion for helping businesses drive revenue through cost effective Internet and Social Marketing strategies.

A Google Qualified Advertising Professional, Akash holds an Executive MBA from UTS, Sydney, and Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering.

Akash is regularly invited to speak on a range of Internet Marketing, E-Commerce, Web Enablement and Google advertising related topics. He also lectures on New Media Marketing and Project Management.

Attendees to his sessions have highly rated his knowledge and speaking style and have repeatedly attended his sessions on different topics.

Akash Malik launched MaverickMav, a successful online marketing communication agency, in 2005.

He has helped hundreds of small to medium businesses achieve success in their online ventures by creating outstanding websites and implementing Internet Marketing, Google AdWords and Google Analytics strategies.

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