4 ways to build a quick audience on Facebook

When we think of Social Media, Facebook is the first medium that strikes the most. But, how do you maximise your impact and influence on Facebook? One of the best ways to have maximum outreach, is to build a relevant audience.

Here are 4 quick ways mentioned to help you build an audience on Facebook

1. Invite Email Contacts

Do you have a huge email list? Take advantage of it by importing your contacts (up to 5,000) and inviting those email contacts to become a fan of your facebook page. Build Audience In Facebook

2. Invite Friends

Page Admins can invite their friends to become a fan of their page. When you suggest a page to your friend, of which you are an admin, then that friend receives a notification on their personal profile to check out your page. This is a great way to increase your fan base and involve your friends on Facebook too.

Hot Tip: Be sure to take advantage of this Facebook marketing strategy before Facebook decides to remove it again.

3. Share Page

Using this option you can share a link to your page on your personal profile with an update.

Hot Tip: This is a more subtle way to promote your page to your friends

4. Create an Ad

Facebook ads are one of the useful and effective ways to increase the brand exposure on

Examples of Facebook ads

Examples of Facebook ads

Facebook. These ads can be targeted by location, demographics, and even interests.

Hot Tip: Although, Facebook charges for these ads it proves to be one of the powerful tools to build your brand and targets the correct audience you are looking for on Facebook.

So, go ahead and try these quick ways to build a great audience and feel the difference in the influence your brand has over the target audience.

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