Maverick Mav appointed as Social Media Marketing Partner For Import Export Show

Expert social media company, Maverick Mav is proud to announce its recent agreement with the upcoming Import Export Show. Maverick Mav will be assisting Import Export Show with all of their social media and internet marketing requirements, including Facebook marketing and Twitter marketing, email marketing, and also Google AdWords support.

The support that Maverick Mav plans to provide to the Import Export Show will increase the show’s ability to reach further into markets that have yet to hear about the exhibition and seminars. The plan is to build and spread awareness and excitement about the Import Export Show through the social media markets, spanning thousands of new companies and potential “fans”; helping to introduce the advantages that Import Export Show’s magnificent exhibitions and shows present to the companies that could benefit from them. Best of all, Import Export Show opens the doors to importing and exporting companies for free.

The upcoming exhibition that Import Export Show is planning to present will take place in the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, promising two full days where exhibitors and expert speakers alike will be presenting their informational business solutions geared toward helping companies in the import/export sector expand and improve their business. Through their exhibitions, seminars, workshops, and networking, everyone that makes an appearance is sure to walk out with a wealth of new knowledge and information.

One of the featured speakers at the show will be Chief Social Networker, Akash Malik, of social media agency Maverick Mav, who will share his knowledge on “Using Social and Internet Marketing for Entering Overseas Marketing’. He will be focusing on educating attendees on Facebook for business marketing, Twitter marketing, and other forms of social media marketing for business. Join Akash Malik to learn the concepts that will not only get your business noticed more, but also push it into the mainstream with competitors that are already marketing their business with Facebook and other social media marketing tools.

Companies that are new to importing or exporting or planning entering new overseas markets will benefit as well, as there is a complete program focused on getting started, obtaining the proper support and grants, freight and logistics, and compliance and sourcing. Established business can listen to the experts who present topics such as access capital, costing more accurately, managing risks, entering new markets overseas and negotiating contracts. In addition, all companies, whether new or established, will realise advantages from Akash Malik’s topics that outline using Facebook for marketing as well as other social media marketing strategies for businesses.

If you have an international business that you would like to see grow to new levels, be sure to attend the Import Export Show on 1-2 September to get in on the invaluable information, case studies, networking, advice, and social media marketing tips.

The services offered by Maverick Mav include across the spectrum e-marketing services for corporate clients and small businesses. The staff can assist customers in finding the right package with a simple phone call consultation. Some of the more savvy businesses are already participating in social media campaigns, which mean that to remain competitive today a business must include this concept in their overall marketing strategy. Maverick Mav offers the services to all businesses of all sizes.

Based in Sydney, MaverickMav is a social media & internet marketing and web development company.

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