Akash Malik to speak at NEIS session

Akash Malik, Founder Maverick Mav to speak on Internet Marketing for new business start ups

Akash Malik, Google Adwords Certified professional and founder of Internet Marketing and Web Design Agency Maverick Mav, will speak to NEIS participants, on how start-up businesses can quickly generate revenue through some low budget internet marketing strategies.

Akash will start off the session with importance of online presence followed by his golden rules to enable online conversions. He will then move onto various online marketing and advertising opportunities available to the small businesses including Organic SEO, Google Adwords, and Affiliate Marketing.

Akash will also cover web2 tools like Online Press Release, Blogging and Blogging applications, Article submission as both marketing and SEO tools.

The presentation will then move onto importance of analytics and why businesses with low budgets need to see what is working and what is ‘not’. They also need to understand the importance of reducing friction and anxiety on their web pages, which will help them increase conversions.

The seminar is a 2 hour presentation. Akash’s speaking style is very proactive and open and is interspersed with real life examples. Akash Malik also likes to take the attendees businesses as examples and provides on the spot ideas and tips for positive results. He speaks in plain simple English (with a Bollywood accent!!) with technical jargon reduced to a minimum.

Here is a bit about Akash Malik:

Akash is an entrepreneur with a passion for helping businesses drive revenue through cost effective Internet and Social Marketing strategies.

A Google Qualified Advertising Professional, Akash holds an Executive MBA from UTS, Sydney, and Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering.

Akash is regularly invited to speak on a range of Internet Marketing, E-Commerce, Web Enablement and Google advertising related topics. He also lectures on New Media Marketing and Project Management.

Attendees to his sessions have highly rated his knowledge and speaking style and have repeatedly attended his sessions on different topics.

Akash Malik launched Maverick Mav, a successful online marketing communication agency, in 2005.

He has helped hundreds of small to medium businesses achieve success in their online ventures by creating outstanding websites and implementing Internet Marketing, Google AdWords and Google Analytics strategies.

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