Facebook Marketing – Get a Vanity URL or Lose It!

Facebook Marketing- Get a Vanity URL or Lose It!  (Facebook.com/YourBusinessName)!

The vanity URL on Facebook (also called ‘Usernames’) is a compelling feature to easily promote your presence on Facebook with a short URL. This simple URL can be used in your marketing communications, company website and business cards.
A Vanity URL allows you to easily advertise your Facebook location – “Just type in facebook dot com slash OurBusinessName” is much easier to promote at a networking meeting or printing on your business card than “visit us at facebook dot com slash pages slash my-business-name slash 1037784823052389?ref=qvg”  . Vanity URLS also help promote your search engine ranking for your business name.
To get your vanity URL, you will first need to get 25 Fans for your Page. Once you have 25 Fans, got to www.facebook.com/username and enter the username for eligible Page to see if it is available. If you delay this process, your first choice of name may have been taken by another person- So Move fast and Claim it!
Remember, you will not be able to edit or transfer this username, once you set it. So CHOOSE CAREFULLY!. Facebook also has policies and restrictions on what you can and cannot choose as your Vanity URL name.

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